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Company & Vanadurgi Group

The Company : Vanadurgi Agriculture-Technology Capital is the owner and operator of a various range of commercial plantation and agro-industrial business. It offers a wide variety of agricultural properties and creates an alternative, sustainable source of income for private individuals, and takes up large scale joint-venture agricultural projects for domestic and international corporate companies. It has enormous experience, expertise and establishments in each and every segment of the agricultural sector. Its main goal is to generate wealth through innovative agricultural technologies and strives to meet the goal through a combination of experience and partnerships with leading experts from around the world.

Vanadurgi Group : Vanadurgi Group has generations of experience in agriculture. It owns large expanses of various plantations. Agricultural assets currently owned and/or under management on behalf of private clients exceed over 150 million USD. The Group has established excellent trust in agricultural management. Members of Vanadurgi Group are engaged in diversified portfolios of agro-industrial sector, real estate, retailing etc. It is the leading supplier of various agricultural commodities, food and cosmetics raw materials to domestic and global destinations.

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Our Experience:

Plantation : Since
Agarwood : 2002
Arecanuts : 1940
Botanicals : 2003
Cardamom : 1972
Cocoa : 1978
Coffee : 1935
Food Crops : 1970
Lac : 2014
Essential oils : 1997
Pepper : 1960
Rubber : 1984
Sandalwood : 2004
Silver Oak : 1975
Vanilla : 1992

Cocoa Project

Vanadurgi flavours and extracts Pvt Ltd is engaged in the cultivation of cocoa in about 5,000 acres....

Agarwood Project

The Vanadurgi Agarwood India Limited is a public sector company that is exclusively engaged ...

Healthy Life

Vanadurgi Retails Pvt Ltd is engaged in import, distribution and exports of Vanpro and other retail...

Eco Tourism

Set amidst verdant valleys, imposing mountains and wildlife sanctuaries, the Chikmagalore – Sakaleshpur.

Carbon Trade

Vanadurgi Foundation promotes tree cultivation in various parts of South India..

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