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Income & Benefits

ImagesArrowLand Ownership:
Land is a tangible asset. The value of land in Western Ghats is always increasing, and its resale, very profitable.

ArrowProperty in the Western Ghats:
Owning property in the cool rainforests of Western Ghats is a dream come true.





ImagesArrowRegular Income:
Perennial crops such as Coffee, Cocoa, Spices, Essential oils etc., will provide a good regular income.

ArrowLump Sum Income:
Agarwood will contribute a major part of income in all our projects, the crop in which we are pioneers in the country.





ImagesArrowSecond Home:
A second home at this zero-pollution, cool, hilly region will be a refreshing alternative to stressful city life.

ArrowRent your home:
When you build a home, you can rent it when you are not using it, thereby earning additional income.





ImagesArrowFree Holidays:
The Company offers free accommodation to owners at the club built inside the estate or at various locations of Western Ghats.

ArrowTourism Attractions:
The Western Ghats region is well-known for eco-tourism, historic and religious places.





ImagesArrowFree Venue:
Plot owners of projects can enjoy the benefits of free venue of the club for their private celebrations.

ArrowTimber Trees:
Commercially valuable trees such as Rosewood, Silver oak, wild tress, etc., will be available for both sale and own use.





ImagesArrowManagement Assurance:
The Company will look after the property by signing long-term agreements so that there are no maintenance problems for owners.

ArrowNon-taxable Income:
Under the current taxation law, income from agriculture is non-taxable. Therefore, profit from your plantation is net income.





ImagesArrowSavings Plan:
Owning an estate and growing trees is a great way of saving.

ArrowRetirement Plan:
You can earn lump sum returns when trees are harvested at the time of your retirement.





ImagesArrowValuable Treasure:
It is a good property that you can bequeath to your children or the beloved.

ArrowSocial Responsibility:
Owners contribute to the social and economic development of the country by creating jobs and employing people.





ImagesArrowCarbon Credit:
The Company is planning to bring this project under Carbon credit scheme wherein owners can get a substantial income.

ArrowEnvironmentally Sound:
Owners become environmentally-responsible by planting trees that improve our world for today and tomorrow.





Test Data
Test Data

Cocoa Project

Cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) is a native of the Amazon region of South America. Cocoa was introduced .

Agarwood Project

Agarwood is a rich and resinous heartwood produced from agar trees, also known as the ‘Wood of Gods’.

Healthy Life

Set amidst verdant valleys, imposing mountains and wildlife sanctuaries, the Chikmagalore – Sakaleshpur.

Eco Tourisim

Set amidst verdant valleys, imposing mountains and wildlife sanctuaries, the Chikmagalore – Sakaleshpur.

Carbon Credit

Carbon credit is a financial instrument that represents a tonne of carbon dioxide,

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