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Eco Highland Home

species ImagesLiving in the lap of nature is a luxury very few can afford. A home at cool hill stations can make your life truly awesome as you’ll be able to enjoy the exquisiteness of Mother Nature firsthand! You can spend your holidays here and it will be a second home for your kids and parents. However, the construction of a home is not mandatory as you can use the Company’s holiday facilities. Since you are the owner of the land, you can build it whenever you feel like it.

The Company will mark a site facing the main road at one corner of the plot. A cluster of four such sites, belonging to different plots, face each other. In some projects, a separate place is allotted in the vicinity of holiday facilities. The construction of the eco-highland home, either according to our design or specifications provided by the clients, will be undertaken by our sister concern.

species ImagesThe Company will take care of the maintenance of the home. It will entertain guests with additional facilities and services through affiliated resorts and home stays in and around. If you build a holiday home, you can also rent it out when you’re not using it. The Company will also hire it either on profit-share-basis or on fixed rentals. This can be a great passive income, and you can enjoy the benefits of the property’s appreciation as well!

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