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species ImagesLand is a tangible asset whose value keeps appreciating. The value of land has increased in the past and it is going to increase in the future as well. The resale of land has proved to be very profitable. The ideal piece of land should also have perfect records so that it is litigation-free. There is no better investment than on land, especially if it also ensures alternative income generation through agriculture. The key factor in commercial agriculture is a good piece of land categorised based on elevation of land, its soil fertility, topography, climate, and the amount of rainfall it receives. Vanadurgi Agriculture Technology Capital has immense knowledge and experience in identifying such lands, and a portion of such lands as one acre and above based on projects are currently on offer.

Test Data
Test Data

Cocoa Project

Vanadurgi flavours and extracts Pvt Ltd is engaged in the cultivation of cocoa in about 5,000 acres....

Agarwood Project

The Vanadurgi Agarwood India Limited is a public sector company that is exclusively engaged ...

Healthy Life

Vanadurgi Retails Pvt Ltd is engaged in import, distribution and exports of Vanpro and other retail...

Eco Tourism

Set amidst verdant valleys, imposing mountains and wildlife sanctuaries, the Chikmagalore – Sakaleshpur.

Carbon Trade

Vanadurgi Foundation promotes tree cultivation in various parts of South India..

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