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species ImagesCommercially-managed farms and plantations are one of the world’s most stable and consistently profitable properties. They also provide a non-volatile income, with good long-term returns and a low risk-to-returns ratio. Vanadurgi Agriculture-Technology Capital is developing commercially-converted agricultural properties growing various kinds of crops at different climatic zones. Through a unique property management model, the Company will look after the property, grow cash crops and generate a good income for its clients. It assures good management of the property by signing a renewable agreement for a period of 10 to 20 years depending on the project. Vanadurgi will systematically look after the plantation and literally grow wealth for its clients. And the joy of seeing the crops in your plantation grow is incomparable.

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Test Data

Cocoa Project

Vanadurgi flavours and extracts Pvt Ltd is engaged in the cultivation of cocoa in about 5,000 acres....

Agarwood Project

The Vanadurgi Agarwood India Limited is a public sector company that is exclusively engaged ...

Healthy Life

Vanadurgi Retails Pvt Ltd is engaged in import, distribution and exports of Vanpro and other retail...

Eco Tourism

Set amidst verdant valleys, imposing mountains and wildlife sanctuaries, the Chikmagalore – Sakaleshpur.

Carbon Trade

Vanadurgi Foundation promotes tree cultivation in various parts of South India..

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